Version: 0.4
Date: 2014-01-14
Windows 7, Vista, XP
No special requirements

Description - Graviton

Graviton is a real-time two player 2.5D arcade space game. The game provides a fast action oriented game play in space, where two players face each other in a random generated universe.Launch various rockets into space to control as much planets as possible to defeat your opponent.But beware of the force that flows through all of us - Gravity!The Players find themselves in a universe populated by planets. In the beginning each player owns one distinct planet. The win condition depends on the selected game mode. Currently there are two game modes available.In DomiNation Mode, the players must try to conquer as many planets as possible. If it is conquered, each planet mines a certain amount of resources over time, depending on the planet size. If one player acquires the necessary resources for a level, he wins the round.The Deathmatch Mode is simpler. If one player has has no occupied planets left, he looses the match.To overtake planets the players have to launch conquer rockets from planets they own. If a conquer rocket hits a neutral planet, the crew of the rocket will start to overtake the planet, which is indicated by a progress overlay on the planet. If they were successful a shield generator is powered on and guards the planet from damage. Furthermore the players are now able to use the newly acquired planet to launch more rockets. To damage the shields the players have the opportunity to shoot a second type of rockets. When the shields of a planet are completely down, it is vulnerable and can be transferred to a neutral state via a final damage rocket. To prevent this from happening the players can fire repair rockets.The smart use of rockets is the key to win. To launch them into space you need fuel that is produced on occupied planets over time. Depending on the type, they cost different amounts of fuel. The players should be aware that each planet generates a gravitation field affecting all moving objects.

Graviton Games Players Have Occupied PlanetsGraviton Games Players Have Occupied PlanetsGraviton Games Players Have Occupied Planets

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