Date: 2013-11-07
Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
No special requirements

Description - Shadowmere

Shadowmere a realm full of mystery and adventure, friends and enemies, come into the world where nothing stays the same where surviving means learning. Join an alliance or battle solo however you wish to play it is always a challenge. If you just want to ease into the game it is recommended you play in the universe of Uno, if you want to be challenged immediately try your luck in the universe of Dan.Free:Shadowmere is free. There are no advertisements or popups. Players may donate to help cover the server costs, but they will not receive any special benefit. Turn based:Shadowmere does not require to be online all the time. You can save your time in turns which you take when you want. However there are tick/time based elements: Retal times (24 hours), quests and open market trades. Online:All Shadowmere data is stored online. You can play from different places without carrying your savegames around. Massive multiplayer:All your competitors are human who can take turns at the same time as you. The top of a Shadowmere universe is usually held by an alliance with a lot of interaction. Browser:You can play Shadowmere with your internet browser only. There is no need for plugins or downloads. Strategy:Strategy is the core of Shadowmere. It is all about growing FASTER than your competitors or hurting them more than they can hurt you. There are various ways to do things in Shadowmere. General mail and chat are usually good sources of information. Game:Though general mail can be a source of useful information in times, Shadowmere is (mainly) a game. Play it to have fun! Fantasy world:Shadowmere plays in a fantasy world with currently 18 races: centaurs, dark elves, dwarves, gnolls, gnomes, goblins, halflings, high elves, humans, leprechauns, minotaurs, ogres, orcs, sprites, trolls, vampires, werewolves and wood elves. Some universes also have Deities.

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