Rumbic Studio - Lost in Reefs

Date: 2013-12-11
Rumbic Studio
Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 98, Me
No special requirements

Description - Rumbic Studio - Lost in Reefs

Deep beneath the ocean Waves lie shipwrecks and ruins, and only fishes and crabs disturb their rest. But why are you here? What are you going to seek for? The ocean always lured explorers seeking for the treasures and mysteries hidden at the bottom of the sea.You are the only person who knows about the ancient civilization of people and Dragons, a mighty alliance of wisdom and power. A year ago you found some old scrolls with scarcely discernible handwriting and were astounded by what you managed to read. The dragons really existed - golden, silver, emerald green dragons; huge creatures flying across the mountain ranges, breathing fire on enemy troops, carrying enormous cargo, patrolling the borders, soaring high above the Clouds. The people were invincible together with the dragons, but they could not resist the nature. An earthquake destroyed the wonderful dragon city: And all that survived the earthquake sank to the bottom of the ocean. t was impossible to forget about the secret knowledge that was probably kept under the ancient ruins, so it was time for you to organize an expedition. Now you have found the right place! Start digging out and explore the buildings. You must work hard - the Heart of the City is so close, but difficult to discover... The objective of the game is to build and explore the ancient undersea city, but not all the secrets of the older civilization are revealed at once. Be ready to new challenges and do not forget that only the most skilled and persistent players will discover the wonders of The Heart of the City. So do not hesitate and go ahead.

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