Version: 1.10
Date: 2013-07-31
Match 3
Windows XP, 2000, 98
No special requirements

Description - Chroma-Ways

Puzzle lovers are likely to remember Collapse, a three-match classic game. Its goal is to click on groups of three or more blocks to clear them from the board. Chroma Ways from AxySoft takes this concept to the whole new level, spicing up the gameplay with lots of powerups, bonuses and incredible graphics delivered in a visually pleasing three dimensional mode. Besides, in Chroma Ways you are not alone. There is a funny character - Flying Frog! Flying Frog must survive the attacks of the colored blocks scattered all the way along the road to the next level. As you approach them, these menace troublemakers start jumping up into the air attempting to take the frog down and after several hits they may actually succeed! Therefore the goal of the player is to aim a cursor at no less than three blocks of the same color and blast them before the frog approaches the front line of the blocks. Players advance to the next level once the frog reaches the gate up the road it flies along. Completing a level is a challenge, more so on higher stages. Simply blasting blocks won`t help if there are no pieces of the same color. In such situations the Survival Tactics is to pick up powerups, super boosts and secret levels to prevent the failure. The players can choose from 10 cool items, ranging from the colored bombs that will detonate all like-colored blocks in the game area to grenades and fire kits that will burn the lines of blocks out! Chroma Ways is a big difference from Collapse-style games as it has the elements of the arcade game, where quick reaction and thinking count a lot if you want to win.# Amazing 3D graphics and sounds# Unique bonus items# Hidden levels and secret bonuses# Mouse control# Non-violent and suitable for all ages# 45 levels in the TRAVEL mode# QUICK PLAY mode - 3 games

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