Darts Deluxe II

Version: 2.53
Date: 2013-09-10
Palm OS
Palm OS 3.5 or higher

Description - Darts Deluxe II

Addictive darts game.All popular darts games in one program. You will play for hours due to amazing graphics, enhanced sounds and the possibility to play with another person as well as with your Palm.The history of darts began many centuries ago. The King of England, Henry VIII and King of France, Charles VI were among the most devoted darts lovers.The appearance of this game relates to a time when spears and darts were one of the most basic kind of weapon. As time goes by the vital necessity of training was transformed into a fascinating game: the dartboard as The Target and darts with sharp needles - tips. The player who hits the center of the target (so-called "Bulls-eye") was considered as the lucky beggar.In 1908, the game was GeneRally accepted as a popular sport. In Great Britain, the USA, Germany, and Australia and in many other countries this game became an integral part of national culture. * Enhanced digital music * Excellent 16 bit graphics * Low-res and Hi-res devices support * Running under Palm OS 3.5 with 16 bit screen * Enhanced digital sound effects for Palm OS 5 devices * One player mode * Two players mode * Multiplayer at one device * 5 level AI for game with Palm * A choose 3 difficulty level * 11 darts games * Timed game * Strategy game ( throws scores ) * Advanced game settings * Hints for best scores ( Calculator Bristow) * High-scores table

Darts Deluxe II Games Enhanced Digital Darts GamesDarts Deluxe II Games Enhanced Digital Darts GamesDarts Deluxe II Games Enhanced Digital Darts Games

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