Snowboard Bob

Version: 1.8
Date: 2013-07-07
Ellams Software
Palm OS
No special requirements

Description - Snowboard Bob

Help Snowboard Bob navigate his way down 20 challenging snowboard courses.Before you can start snowboarding though you must collect your board from the snowboard shack.Unfortunately it`s across the road and there is fast moving traffic in the way.Use your skill to get Bob into the Shack and back across the road to the slopes.Watch out for the ice in the middle of the road and Penguins that will Push you along the ice.If you manage to get a snowboard and get safely back across the road, It`s time to take to the slopes.Use the keys to move Bob left and right as you snowboard down the slope.Try to go Between as many slalom flags as you can without crashing into the flags or obstacles.At the start of the level you will be told how many flags you must go through to complete the course, Watch out for logs and rocks along the course and make sure you line up correctly for the jumps.If you get good at snowboarding earn bonus points by spinning around while flying through the air after a jump.The more you spin the bigger the bonus, But make sure you land facing the right way.You start each game with 3 lives and lose one each time you crash into an obstacle or get hit by a vehicle on the first part of the game.The number of lives left is displayed at the top left of the screen along side the number of flags passed and current score.From the options page available from the main menu you can configure the keys used and disable the sound effects.

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