Dominions 3 for Mac

Version: 3.20
Date: 2013-11-14
Strategy Games
Mac OS X
No special requirements

Description - Dominions 3 for Mac

They are returning. Awakening from a slumber beyond comprehension to mortals. Awakening to a world they once tried to claim. They promise much to their followers, and to their enemies they will deliver blood, fire, and death.The coming chaos is a rebirth of a fire long thought quenched. The Akashic records recall the Age when the world was ripe with pretenders, a legion claiming divinity. Then the antokrator ascended to true godhood. Bearing Dominion over all, from the Heavens down to the deepest recesses of the ocean, the Pantokrator hunted down the false pretenders, casting them into eternal imprisonment. Not all pretenders were vanquished though; indeed, a great many managed to hide away and bide their time.Now a new Age has dawned. The Pantokrator is gone. And now the pretenders who cowered beneath the Pantokrator`s rule all those long years dare to show themselves again. Moreso, their newly remembered hubris has led once more to a war for true ascension to godhood. But they are not alone.The ancient ones banished by the Pantokrator have Broken their shackles. They are awakening.There can only be one. A new chapter in the Akashic records is about to be written in the tattered flesh of the Fallen...

Dominions 3 for Mac Games Akashic RecordsDominions 3 for Mac Games Akashic Records

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