80x24 for Mac

Date: 2013-08-03
Mac OS X
No special requirements

Description - 80x24 for Mac

: 80x24 is an incredibly simple gameplay mechanic: move around and grab the points! The main purpose of the game is to collect points by touching the light blue orbs. Touching multiple orbs in a single jump gains you extra points! For each orb collected without first touching the ground, the number of points you get per orb increases. For instance, collecting 3 orbs in a single jump yields 1+2+3=6 points! Use the arrow keys to move, and escape to quit! In the top left are two numbers. The leftmost is the number of points you have. The rightmost is the time remaining before the game exits.A standard terminal size is 80 columns by 24 lines You may use any language that you want (some are better than others for this, choose wisely) The maximum content of your code must fit within an 80x24 character bound You must write a game that has some form of interaction using only the space provided You must post your codeblock for others to see If you can, try to provide a binary if your game isn`t easily compilable (using your own libs, too many deps, etc) You may not use some convoluted scheme to have your code block run some other code. The entirety of the game code must be within the codeblock The challenge is over on Monday, June 30th

80x24 for Mac Games Code Must Single Jump80x24 for Mac Games Code Must Single Jump

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Codeblock Single Code Must Interaction Using Only