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Date: 2013-07-07
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Dandywine College was not even called such when G. Beauchamp Steigelmeier graced its classrooms with his signature grin, nor was it situated on the picturesque knoll where we`ve come to expect it to be. It was the mileage from that grin and his newly patented formula for water-based exterior paint that took ole Steig down more than a few extremely lucrative avenues. Who`d`ve imagined back then that you could get paint with water in it to stick to the side of a building that kept getting drenched with water?. Well, our very benevolent, very business savvy, wanna-be artist bloke did, and so these many years later stands an institution of higher creative processing whose name and mission blossomed out of a peculiar String of occurrences that happened on this very knoll... but maybe that`s for another installment.Ah yes, to the nitty gritty. We have in this lovely example of Georgian architecture the main library, the main lecture hall, a fellows lounge, a board room, a grande porch overlooking the bay and town, banquet facilities on the lower level, 4 artist studios on the 2nd floor, and a smelly rose Garden for contemplation. It can be easily retro-fitted for residential use.

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