Battle Jump for Linux

Version: 0.9.0
Date: 2013-07-09
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Description - Battle Jump for Linux

: Battle Jump is a 3D platform and dexterity game in which you incarnate a character that can only move by making leaps. You must bring your Jumper at the end of levels filled with traps. Your skillswill be sorely tested, and your only goal will be to finish the level the FASTER youcan. The game contains several levels with a progressive difficulty. If you thinkthe first levels are too easy for you, don`t worry, the last levels will be much complex. It is also possible to Create your own levels with the editor, or to download dozens of levels made by the community. With its two-players mod in split screen, you can battle anyone in raceswhere every mistake can be fatal. Battle Jump allows you to send your scores to the website in order tocompare them with the other playersNew features:* Bugs correction* 3D optimization* The Battle Jump cover is now available in the Docs Folder.* Many images are now in PNG format.* You can now see the preview of all levels directly into the game.* The two-player game has been modified in order to run several levels without returning to the menu.* A counter of victories has been added in the two-player mode.

Battle Jump for Linux Games Battle Jump Levels WithBattle Jump for Linux Games Battle Jump Levels WithBattle Jump for Linux Games Battle Jump Levels With

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