Tempo Game Clock

Version: 1.9
Date: 2013-08-11
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Windows 7, Vista, 2003, XP
.NET Framework 3.5 or higher

Description - Tempo Game Clock

Tempo Game Clock is a game clock and game record keeper all in one. It supports time Controls for standard booard games including Chess, Checkers, Go, Boggle, Scrabble and most Board Games where a clock is desired. And you can configure it for virtually any type of custom game time controls you can dream up (up to 16 players). Use it for custom game shows, debates or any contest that requires separate clocks for players or teams. With a standard video cable you can project the game displays onto any television or digital video display at a performance or contest venue. Resize the game displays as large or small as needed to fit your display screen. For Custom Game Shows, Debates and More:You won`t need expensive podiums with built-in score panels. Use Tempo Game Clock for custom game shows, debates, athletic contests, and simply use as a countdown timer to tell an audience when the show will start (ex. "Show starts in... "). Create your own game show concept and pilot it at your local theater, club or even in your living room. It`s easy. Tempo Game Clock is fully configurable to create even the most complex time controls. Games can have 1 to16 players; any number of periods, each with its own length in minutes and seconds; and multiple score types, each with its own point value. See the User`s Guide for complete customization capabilities.Key Features:-One to sixteen player clocks -Player handicap-Pick player that moves first -Delay clock -Load preconfigured games-Spacebar completes each move-Track moves-Buzzers -Game logging-Record move notation -Configurable time controls -Save customized games as Favorites-Score keeping -Roll one to six dice-Personalize with player personas -Set custom colors-Game display fonts -Use on any Windows computer

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