Version: 1.2
Date: 2013-10-31
Windows CE
All pocket PC devices, 380 Kb Available RAM

Description - MegaLines

Editor: MegaLines 1.2 is an amusing Logic game, the objective of which is to gain the maximum scores by arranging 5 or more balls of the same color into lines (Default mode). As a result of such arranging the line of balls disappears the score grows and 3 more balls appear on the game field. The game is finished when all the field is filled with the balls, that makes other moves impossible. By combination of the options available (see features) you can adjust the complexity of the game in a very wide range: change the minimal length of the line (from 3 to 8), shape of the figures the balls are arranged into (Squares or Blocks) with the size set by you. The indicator of the current mode (Lines, Squares, Blocks) is always on the screen! Switch help on and off (color only or color and place of the balls, that will appear on the game field next ("Show target cells" option). You can make the game more complicated by setting the time for the move in a wide range (the changeable "Enable move timeout" option). Do not rack your brains about the time left! The graphic indicator (yellow stripe that can be adjusted by length) enables you to see the time during the game! Change The Ball moving on the game field speed according to your taste from slowest to fastest (instant, without animation), - ("Moving speed " option). Auto Save and Auto Load features will enable you to save the current game automatically when you Exit the game and load the saved game when you start. Switch the sound off (Sound option), if you disturb those who sleep and they will Wake up only if you shout happily when you get into Top 10 (High Scores) ;)

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