Klest-crossword for Linux

Version: 0.2.8
Date: 2013-07-18
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Description - Klest-crossword for Linux

Editor: Klest-crossword - is a patented name of the program. It means that the source code it is the creative work of the Laboratory and tested in the Federal Service for Intellectual Property Patent and Trademark Office ("Rospatent). Registration number: 2010610247. To this one should pay attention to those who want to be sure of the correctness of their choice.Just Klest-crossword will include only the code changes approved by the Laboratory of crossword, which you sent. "Klest-crossword" - a program for creating professional and comfortable guessing classic crossword puzzles. It has the ability to save the current state is not fully his secret crossword. Provides a lot of tools for creating a Crossword Puzzle. Is print function as a print into the file PDF, PostScript . Imports American crossword puzzle in a text format AcrossLite. It a dictionary of 31 000 Russian words and a dictionary of 41 000 English words. He also has the ability to automatically Create a Grid crossword puzzle, select the words from the dictionary and export raster images following image formats: JPG, jPEG, BMP, TIFF, PNG, XPM, XBM, PPM.All functions:* - Create a crossword puzzle(UPDATE!);* - Editing a crossword puzzle;* - Guessing crossword puzzle;* - Check correctness of guessing a crossword puzzle(UPDATE!);* - Save state incompletely guessed crossword puzzle;* - Automatic creation of crossword puzzle grid (beta);* - Automatic selection of words from the dictionary;* - Semi-automatic selection of words from the dictionary(NEW!);* - Adding / removing words from the dictionary;* - Conservation created a crossword puzzle grid, as a template for the new;* - Editing the font crossword;* - Editing the size of the grid cell crossword puzzle;* - Export crossword in the image: JPG, jPEG, BMP, TIFF, PNG, XPM, XBM, PPM.* - Import crossword from a text format AcrossLite;* - Print crossword (NEW!);* - Statistics(NEW!);

Klest-crossword for Linux Games Crossword PuzzleKlest-crossword for Linux Games Crossword PuzzleKlest-crossword for Linux Games Crossword Puzzle

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