Games Bundle

Version: 2.9
Date: 2013-11-12
RoGame Software
Palm OS
No special requirements

Description - Games Bundle

Games Bundle is a compilation of our board games AbaCruX, Abalinio and Senet Deluxe at a very attractive price. AbaCruX delivers 30 impossibly difficult puzzles. Your solutions are ranked in 5 levels. Abalinio and Senet Deluxe on the other hand are played against the computer (your Palm). These games are superb implementations of old favorites, feature colorful graphics and are enhanced for Palm OS 5. All games include statistics, extensive online help, and documentation in pdf format. Since there is a lot here the download might take a while, but it`s worth it and all three games run fine from a SD/MMC card. Here is a short description of what is included:AbaCruX is the most luxurious implementation of the well-known game Peg Solitaire for Palm OS handhelds. There are 30 different puzzles - 15 regular ones and 15 in the French style. This game is skinnable. Five stunning skins are included with more to follow. For compatible devices (i.e. Tungsten T) specially designed game sounds are included. The perfect game for the road or the skies.Abalinio is based on one of the old African Mancala games which have been around for hundreds of years. The name Abalinio is derived of the Spanish Abal

‚Äč Games Bundle Games Games Bundle Senet DeluxeGames Bundle Games Games Bundle Senet DeluxeGames Bundle Games Games Bundle Senet Deluxe

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