Basic 2D Character Sprite Kit

Date: 2013-09-27
Windows XP, 2008, 98
No special requirements

Description - Basic 2D Character Sprite Kit

This kit lets you quickly Create character sprites to use in 2D games. Make your own parts to create a multitude of Sprites. Polish Your Sprites in any Pixel Editor.Quality: the initial quality of the sprite will not be game ready, it is up to you to save off any starter sprites you create with this kit, and then finalize your art in the image editor you normaly use for pixel work. The final quality of the sprite will be what you have puut into your art.Color: Initially the starter sprites will be colored minimally - the composing function is reliant on a minimal coloring set. Once a starter has been created, you can add a Little color in the editor, or go ahead and save the sprite off for your pixel editor.First-Run Example: Open the program `Basic 2D Character Sprite Kit` and locate the `build` button in the lower section on the right-hand side of the program. Click the button and look at the Results frame for the front and back images of your first starter sprite.Parts: You can select the specific parts to put into the starter sprite by selecting the option (radio-button) next to the part you desire to use. Only one selection per part type is allowed. (1-head, 1-face, 1-torso, etc.).

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