Monster Truck

Version: 1.1
Date: 2013-11-23
Windows CE
Windows Mobile pocket PC 2000 or higher

Description - Monster Truck

It is racing time now, Owen and his pals are racing fiercely to see who the master of Monster truck is. This fantasy game gives you so much fun with gorgeous graphics and exciting fight experience. Start your truck now, it crunches!- The First Game of OmniGSoft "Fun by Four" Series.Plow down rivals and tear through obstacles with your roaring monster truck. A fantastic racing game with splendid graphics and loads of high speed fun! - Not just another racing game.Shoot at other monster trucks and make them tumble. Tear up the roadblocks with your plow. Need high speed? Turn on the turbo to fly.- Distinct Graphics will immerse you in Another World.Powered by OmniGSoft`s exclusive 3D rendering technology and physics simulation, this game offers gorgeous graphics and a realistic racing experience.- More Courses and Monster Trucks are on the Way.The fun will never end! Car crushing bonus rounds, additional courses, and even more truck designs are to come as pluggable add-on packages.

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