Imperium Galactica II

Date: 2013-10-02
Strategy Games
GT Interactive
Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
No special requirements

Description - Imperium Galactica II

While the interface is Complex, it features intuitive 3D displays and some hand-holding options (such as an interactive tutorial), so even novice players can operate in the game`s universe right away. Starting from a vantage point millions of miles away in space, you can move into the heat of a battle and observe the actions of a small fighter ship.You can also move through the atmospheres of worlds and explore their varying landscapes and weather conditions, all in 3D. You can construct colonies on these worlds and use them to produce materials that sustain your empire. Construct research labs and view your designs in the 3D realm before mass-producing them. Equip them by dragging components using the same 3D interface, engage in Diplomacy with other races, trade with them, WAR with them, and spy on them. You can participate in all of these features or let the computer manage some for you. You can even play through the story arcs. Because Imperium Galactica II is fast-paced, you are allowed to pause the game at any time and issue commands to your fleets or advisers without having to worry about time passing. Once you resume time again, these commands will be carried out immediately--this way you can take your time to plan strategies. There are three main story arcs in the game, each from the viewpoint of a different race.

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