Sprite Candy

Date: 2013-09-21
Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
No special requirements

Description - Sprite Candy

Editor: Sprite Candy is an extremely flexible, easy-to-use and powerful single-surface 2D graphics engine to handle all kind of high-performance 2D graphics -from simple HUD displays for your 3D game, to complete console-style 2D games. With Sprite Candy you can do: HUD displays, animated menus and title screens, bitmap texts, animated buttons & button events, colored shapes & lines, tiled images, animated images, Complex sprite movements -all done with a few, simple commands only!Sprite Candy is a powerful all-in-one solution that has been especially designed to assist the creation of console-style high performance 2D games. Sprite Candy includes many pre-defined and simple-to-use effects that can be applied to any object: automated alpha fading, zooming, scaling, rotating, smooth color change, tricky movements and many, many more. Sprite Candy animations support more than 15 different motion easing techniques to achieve true arcade-style and natural looking movement , scaling or rotation.Sprite Candy Can handle animation tasks automatically ("set and forget"), so you can save lots of time and Focus on the essentials of your game. Automated visual- and animation effects can be applied to any object at any time. You can even combine different effects to Create countless animation variations. You can also apply several animation effects at once, using different time delays, and let Sprite Candy Process them sequentially (or trigger them after a certain time, for example). Extremely fast 2D graphicsHUD displays & overlaysAnimated title screensAnimated menusAnimated imagesTiled imagesPowerful bitmap texts (includes editor!)Realtime object shadowsAutomated text- and image buttonsAutomated movements, effects & animation tasksColored shapes, lines & progress bars (no textures required)Easily create complete, high-performance 2D games

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