Land of Smiley Cubes

Version: Public Alpha
Date: 2013-11-16
Joshua Hoffmann
Windows 7, Vista, XP
No special requirements

Description - Land of Smiley Cubes

Land of Smiley Cubes is a tiny multiplayer online game. You control a Smiley Cube Robot Cube with two very square wheels and the kind of smile that would make a game show host jealous.Object of The GameThe Land is divided into square plots. Each plot is owned by a player. All the players in the game are ranked by how many plots each player owns. Your goal is to climb as high on the ranking board as you can by trying to own more plots than all the other players. One way to do this is to capture plots away from other players.Capturing PlotsEach plot has a Flag Cube in the center. To capture a plot, you must bring that Flag Cube`s hit points to zero. To do this, you build Cannon Cubes next to that Flag Cube. The Cannon Cubes will keep attacking the Flag Cube, even while you`re offline! Of course, that plot`s owner may be defending his plot with his/her own Cannon Cubes! Build your Cannon Cubes next to his/her Cannon Cubes, and they`ll duke it out!Fight Monster Cubes for CoinsSince it costs a coin to build a Cannon Cube, you`ll need to earn coins somehow. To earn coins, you`ll have to fight and defeat Monster Cubes located on special plots in the Land.Player versus Player CombatYou may fight other online players. Defeat other players for special rewards!

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