Siegecraft for iPhone

Version: 1.0.4
Date: 2013-07-17

For iOS 3.2 or higher

Description - Siegecraft for iPhone

SIEGECRAFT is the ultimate 3D physics-based game! Lay waste to your enemies using crossbows, catapults, battering rams and more.Simple to pick-up and play with plenty of content to keep you entertained for hours.You are the best siege team money can buy. Work for each race as they Rage war on each other. Perform well to get paid more and buy awesome power-ups and upgrade your siege machines!BEAUTIFUL WORLDSExquisitely created environments and 3 unique races to play, Knights, Vikings and Samurai. Each race has their own campaigns to battle through and hand crafted units, buildings and scenery. Embed yourself in each world with unique warriors, weapons, buildings and Monster bosses! Did someone mention mountain trolls??FINALIST “BEST GRAPHICS” UNITY 2011 AWARDSIOS 5 FEATURESTurn-based Multiplayer! Battle friends or random enemies and grab loot whether you win or lose.iCloud synchronization for weapon upgrades and star achievements across all your iOS devices.MORE LEVELS THAN YOU CAN SHAKE A STICK AT6 Campaigns, containing 25 unique levels!1 Beginner campaign3 Story driven campaigns - Knights, Vikings and Samurai1 Endless/Survival campaign - You know you want endless Viking zombies!1 Multiplayer campaign exclusively for iPad users!SPECIAL CATAPULT ITEMSWant to lob a cow at your enemy? Go for it. Troll’s head? Got it covered. Flaming dwarf??? Not yet...CONSOLE GRADE GRAPHICSNever before seen graphics on a mobile device. Real-time water reflection and refraction Create a stunning environment. Hollywood style Bloom effects and high resolution textures for the iPhone 4S and iPad2.AUTHENTIC WEAPONSCatapultCrossbowTrebuchetBattering ramUNIVERSAL - WITH EXCLUSIVE CONTENT FOR IPADSSiegecraft is crafted to look as good as it can be for each individual device. Plus iPad owners get exclusive multiplayer levels where 2 players can battle it out on a single iPad!

Siegecraft for iPhone Games Knights VikingsSiegecraft for iPhone Games Knights VikingsSiegecraft for iPhone Games Knights Vikings

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