It Only Takes A Second

Date: 2013-12-04
Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
No special requirements

Description - It Only Takes A Second

you control a bomb. You must strike The Target on each level with 00:01 remaining. The catch? The bomb`s countdown timer is defective. It will stay on one static time throughout each level. So how do you complete them? Well, when the bomb`s actual timer reaches the same second as the static displayed time, it will go green. At that point, you have to count down the seconds until its detonation. A second out either way and you`ll be greeted with a large, red cross. There are 20 levels, spread across four environments - Grassy, Underwater, Metal, and Hell. Each one has its own quirk. For example, in Underwater, you can`t complete a level until you`ve collected all five SHARDS from it. If you`re not one for counting, or you`re looking for some replay value, there`s a Speedrun mode. In this, you don`t have to count down, just complete all 20 levels as quickly as you possibly can. There`s a level select so you can easily revisit completed levels, as well as a full menu with options for saving and loading your data, reading the story, etc. The main menu and level select are both presented in 3D clearly, with nice background music (this doesn`t play in-game to avoid distractions). As an added extra, you can register on the IOTAS website,, in-game, then sync your stats. Then, if you Visit the site, you can compare your progress and speedrun times with every other IOTAS player. This system was created by Unknown Gamer, who has done pretty much all the online in My Games. I hope you enjoy the game. If you find the game too confusing, please take a look at the Video Guide (link in-game) - it should give you a better understanding of the gameplay. Feel free to leave feedback if you have something to say about the game.

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