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Version: tomQuest2 r173 beta
Date: 2013-07-26
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Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
No special requirements

Description - WoW Addons: tomQuest2

Supports Game Version: 3.1.0Here is a list of Modules and their features:- Quests Tooltip- Display number of quests in the quest log - Display number of completed quests - Display maximum number of quests allowed - Quest tag for daily, pvp, Dungeon, number of suggested player and level - Clickable tooltip and mouseOver interaction - Display quest by header (zone, class specific quest, world events...) that you can collapse / expand by clicking on it - Display of zone level (if zone is available in your language in libTourist-3.0) - Zone colorization by difficulty or class if it`s a class header (can be toggled off) - Quest colorization by difficulty based on your level and the suggested quest level (can be toggled off) - Display party members quests that you do not have in common in a separated header (provide limited interactivity as it`s not in the questlog) - Quest status displayed for each party member (Complete or Failed) - Quest objective progress displayed for each party member - Quest objective auto hide when you or the party have completed the quest objective - Quest objective information on mouseover - Quest log diplay by left clicking on the tooltip - Quest sharing by ctrl + left click on the tooltip - Quest tracking by shift + left click on the tooltip - Quest abandon by alt + left click on the tooltip - MobMap and Cartographer quest info integration by middle clicking on objectives - Hide completed objective (never, when everyone in the party has finished, when you have finished) - Customization of font, font size and coloring - Automatic special Quest Item macro generation / update on alt right click (3.1 only feature) - Use of the special quest item with a key binding defined in blizzard key binding options Quests Tracker- Quests can be displayed by zone or not (see screenshots) - Movable quest tracker with same features as the quest tooltip. - And More!

‚Äč WoW Addons: tomQuest2 Games Quest Objective Tooltip QuestWoW Addons: tomQuest2 Games Quest Objective Tooltip QuestWoW Addons: tomQuest2 Games Quest Objective Tooltip Quest

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