ShipHunt for Palm OS

Version: 2.2
Date: 2013-08-26
John Coogan
Palm OS
No special requirements

Description - ShipHunt for Palm OS

ShipHunt is an exciting and realistic new 3D Submarine Simulator for PalmOS and compatible PDA`s. You command a WWII-era diesel sub on patrol in waters rich with merchants, destroyers, Battleships, and carriers. Stake-out and attack the enemy at periscope depth. View the maps and plan your attack strategy. Surface to replenish Oxygen and charge batteries. Track the status of surface repairs. Make a run for it when the pressure is on! Avoid depth charges! Watch out for enemy shells! Go deep and monitor the progress of submerged repairs. Plan your next offensive, and Captain... try to keep the crew alive!ShipHunt supports Color and Grayscale devices and upgrades are frequent and free. ALL HANDS, Man Your Battle Stations. Enemy convoy sighted!ShipHunt Features, Original Version:Variable zoom tactical maps Challenging enemy ship intelligence Torpedoes with realistic reload delay Navigation control using hardware buttons Sophisticated damage control modeling Dynamically generated missions Instant action and fast-paced battles Easy to learn, hard to master Low price so everyone can try their hand at being a Submarine Captain

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