Concentration - the Memory Games

Version: 5.01
Date: 2013-12-17
Windows Vista, XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
No special requirements

Description - Concentration - the Memory Games

Editor: Concentration - the Memory Games is a full featured Memory game of the card pair flipping style (known as tiles, pairs, Flip Over, concentration, mix and match as well) that combines tradition and innovation.Various Game ModesConcentration - the Memory G:ames provides solitary entertainment and can be played againt an opponent as well.Game Variations:Various options guarantee enjoyment for beginners and entertainment for the hard-core professional players as well.Advanced Features:Concentration - the Memory Games has some features that surely provide challenge for the most advanced players.Growing Card Set Collection:Concentration - the Memory Games supports pluggable self-installing card sets for kids and grown-ups.Statistics:Statistics help you to measure your memory improvement.Fine-tune Customization:There are many ways to customize Concentration - the Memory Games. * Play on full-screen for better results. * Change automatic card flip delay or flip the cards yourself. * Select card-flip animations or race against the clock without them. * Maximize game window. * Be "messy" for a more realistic card layout. * Save your settings just in case. * Available in three languages: English, Spanish or Hungarian (Magyar). * Concentration - the Memory Games fully supports Windows XP styles. * Supports keyboard or mouse control. * Label overlays to play on a projector.

Concentration - the Memory Games Games Memory GamesConcentration - the Memory Games Games Memory GamesConcentration - the Memory Games Games Memory Games

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