Catalyst Deluxe

Version: 1.1
Date: 2013-08-06
Windows Vista, XP, 98
.NET Framework 2.0 or higher

Description - Catalyst Deluxe

Catalyst Deluxe is an engaging solitaire card game based on the 10-20-30 game. The game consists of matching sets of Three Cards whose face values total 10, 20, or 30 points. For instance, a 4, a 6, and a 10 would total 20 points and could be removed. With the Ace worth one point, and all face cards worth ten points each, this is a great game for all ages to build your math skills and exercise your mind. Veteran solitaire card game players looking for a new challenge... this is it! Catalyst Deluxe is an easy game to learn, but it is not an easy game to win. With all these features, one thing is definitely certain: Catalyst Deluxe will be the most engrossing solitaire card game you will ever play.Features:* Two rule sets -- Classic 10-20-30 rules plus our alternate Catalyst rules. Choose to play with or without jokers.* Six sets of card graphics* High score tracking and win/loss statistics* 15 original backgrounds* 21 card backs* Features original music by Bill Bois* Language Support -- Built-in support for multiple language files* Multiple screen resolutions -- runs in 800x600 for compatibility with older machines, up to 1920x1200 for higher end machines

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