Version: 3.2.105
Date: 2013-12-14
Windows Vista, XP, 2000, 98
No special requirements

Description - BrainSpeeder

Brain training and workout for your grey matter with a big fun factor.The trend of brain training on has already enthused thousands of online gamers. This free computer software enhances your mental performance with different game types: Arithmetic, Mnemonic and Speedoku.The mental arithmetic-game gives the player 20 arithmetic problems from the four fundamental arithmetic operations, selected one after another by a random generator. These have to be solved at top speed.The game Mnemonic challenges the short-term memory and trains the perceptive faculty. The screen flashes numbers or numerical series at the player, which he then has to reproduce correctly and as quick as possible. In the style of Sudoku, Speedoku asks the player to complete numerical series. The missing number has to be recognized and typed in as fast as possible.But what sounds easy enough at the beginning will challenge the player after a few rounds: A refined league-system and the ?all of Brain?allow him to match himself with other players worldwide. Only the player who solves his arithmetical problems correctly (and quickly, above all) can ascend to the next league at the end of the week. Furthermore, a ?rain of the Day?will be nominated daily. Cup ties offer opportunities to compete with others in two-party teams in a sudden death-system.If you want to resist the allurement of online-gaming, you can still keep your brain cells fit and play BrainSpeeder on your home computer without an internet connection as well.Have fun - just be quicker!

BrainSpeeder Games Numerical Series Brain TrainingBrainSpeeder Games Numerical Series Brain TrainingBrainSpeeder Games Numerical Series Brain Training

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