Flip That House

Version: 1.31
Date: 2013-07-24
Windows Vista, XP, 2000, Me
No special requirements

Description - Flip That House

Learn to purchase property with as Little money down as possible, fix them up, flip them for a fast profit, or rent them out for long term gains. Our TRAINER will allow you to simulate years of real estate investment in a completely graphical and financially realistic setting. When you upgrade purchased properties you will see the changes as they are being made! You will start out the game by giving it some basic details about yourself like your name, age, and real life income. Then you will set a realistic goal such as having a specified net worth within a set number of years. You will then begin the game and watch the months and years roll by as you come to realize if your goal is merely a pipe dream or if your real estate ambition can make it a reality. The guided training system will help you learn the ropes as you play the game for the first time. It will lead you step by step to understanding the interface and how to purchase, repair, and flip properties.However -- don`t expect to purchase your first property right that second! Our software is designed as a trainer and uses real life values to determine all aspects of real estate. You may have to start out renting in order to save up money for a down payment or to search the market for that perfect high equity zero down home. Lack of a down payment can force you to accept that sub prime loan and high interest rate or enable you to purchase far outside of your buying power. You may have to search and Visit dozens of homes to decide when the best time to make your move is.

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