A Day In The Life (Pocket PC)

Version: 1.2a
Date: 2013-10-16
Windows CE
pocket PC 2002

Description - A Day In The Life (Pocket PC)

Presenting the first in a series of inebooks, interactive stories where you are the central character. It`s a working day like any other, or is it? So many things to think about, so many choices to make, but don`t forget you pay the consequences! Decisions, decisions, decisions. Suddenly all those things you took for granted matter! You can play the game as Harry or Sally, but by doing the things that you would do yourself you can DISCOVER WHO YOU REALLY ARE in the light-hearted, psychological profile generated by this story!! Handheld Computing magazine described "A Day In The Life" as "...even wittier, allowing you to live out the day...in the life of a harried software engineer. There are many choices to make - mostly of the "rock and a hard place" variety. At the end, the game gives you a personality profile based on your choices, so there is plenty of incentive to go back and try again."

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