Clickomania 2002 for Qool QDA700 phone

Version: 1.6
Date: 2013-12-10
Beiks, LLC
Palm OS
Palm OS 3.5 or higher

Description - Clickomania 2002 for Qool QDA700 phone

Announcing Clickomania 2002 for Qool QDA-700And so the first Beiks game for the new Qool QDA-700 phone made by PiTech, powered by Palm OS and distributed by Qool Labs is a fact! Clickomania 2002 was specially optimized and will look brilliantly on your new QDA700, guaranteeing hours of fun with one of the instant classics in the Brain Teasers department.Game rulesThe goal of Clickomania 2002 (here known as Qoolmania) is to achieve highest possible score, which is mostly possible by playing as long as you can.Your task is to combine Fruits of same kind in groups of three on more in horizontal or vertical lines; you do that by replacing a fruit on the table with one of the available in the pool at the right of the display. The catch is, you can only replace a fruit if by doing so a group of 3 or more fruits will be arranged. For example, In the above screenshot, you can place a piece of watermelon on two different places at the top row, but not in, for example the lower right corner.For more applications for Qool QDA-700, you are welcome to Visit our web site

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