Version: 1.0
Date: 2013-11-30
Cactus Factory
Windows CE
Windows Mobile 2003/SE or pocket PC 2002 with .NET Compact Framework 1.0 SP1

Description - AstroNums

EditBy: AstroNums is a brand-new puzzle/action game featuring original and very exciting gameplay, 3 playing modes with 5 difficulty levels each, superior graphics and atmoshperic sound. Space is waiting for you!:: SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICE through November 30, 2005 ::Your mission is to find and remove from the game field pairs of numbers or single numbers (in SPECIAL mode) as quickly as possible. Hurry up! These are not just numbers on the radar screen, but real dangers that lurk in the depths of space. Concentrate and win!"Defend your spaceship that departed from the EARTH for the unexplored depths of the galaxy, from threats such as collisions with dangerous space objects like meteorites, asteroids, comets and more. You are the control and navigation officer of the spaceship. Your mission is to control your ship`s defense system by eliminating all threats ?dangerous space objects ?as you navigate the ship through space. Your pocket computer is connected to the spaceship? radar system. All objects the radar detects near the ship are displayed as numbers. Don`t be fooled! These are not just marks on the radar screen, but real dangers that lurk in the depths of space." AstroNums Features: - Original and challenging gameplay - 3 playing modes with 5 difficulty levels each - Beautiful graphics and awesome space views - Atmoshperic sound - High Scores for each playing mode and difficulty level - Specific bonuses for each difficulty level- Intuitive interface - Built-in help and in-line hints NOTE: For Pocket PC 2002 devices requires the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework 1.0 SP1 (or higher) installed.

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