Monster Fair

Version: 1.2.0
Date: 2013-11-20
18.3 MB
Windows XP, 2000, Me
No special requirements

Description - Monster Fair

500 years ago, a spaceship was visiting the solar system. But something went wrong, and the ship had to make an emergency landing on EARTH. The alien crew tried to repair the ship, but the parts they needed could not be made. The aliens were Marooned! Their only choice was to make Earth their new home. The aliens knew they would look like monsters to the people of Earth. To avoid frightening them, the aliens learned to change their appearance and blend in with human society.Occasionally someone saw one of the aliens without a disguise and tried to tell other people about them. No one believed these stories, however; they are now found only in legends (and supermarket tabloids).Now the aliens` time has come. The evolution of Earth`s technology has made it possible to repair their ship and return to their planet.But the repairs are expensive! Other aliens might use mind-control to get what they need, but our aliens are too fond of the people of Earth. They have decided to form a traveling Carnival called Monster FAIR. They will barnstorm their way around the world, raise BIG MONEY, and prepare their ship for the trip home.You are a guide of MONSTER FAIR. Your job is to help your guests have fun and spend money so the dream will come true.

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