Heroes of Might and Magic III

Date: 2013-08-07
The 3DO Company
Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me
No special requirements

Description - Heroes of Might and Magic III

Players of Heroes of Might and Magic, and Heroes II, will find the game has been vastly expanded. New features include: - More Town Types. There are now eight town types. - More Hero Types. Each town type now has two hero types, one of might and the other of magic. This brings the total number of hero types up to sixteen. - More Skills. Heroes may increase their abilities in 28 secondary skills. - More Artifacts. There are now 128 artifacts. - More Spells. There are now 64 spells arranged into 4 schools of magic. - More Creature Types. There are now a total of 118 creature types. - More and Enhanced Town Structures. You may build seven creature dwellings in each town. All dwellings can be upgraded to produce upgraded creatures. Also, each town type has an increased number of non-dwelling buildings, most of which may be upgraded and many with new types of enhancements. - More and Enhanced Adventure Objects. There are 25% more Adventure Map locations and objects in this game. Objects are more configurable in the Map Editor, making them more interesting to encounter and use.Further, new object abilities have been created to enhance play possibilities. - Subterranean Map Layer. Heroes may enter underground passageways to explore caverns and tunnels. - Grail Buildings. You may now seek the Grail instead of ultimate artifacts. Finding the Grail allows you to construct special Grail buildings which greatly increase and enhance a town`s economic output and other town variables. - Graphic Resolution Increased. The game now displays in 800x600, 16-bit resolution, resulting in a richer, more detailed display. - Game Graphics Rendered in 3D. All non-interface graphic elements and game objects have been modeled and rendered in 3D. - Larger Adventure Map Display. The Adventure Map now displays 44% more of the world at a glance. - etc

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