YahtChallenge for Palm

Version: 4.0.1
Date: 2013-08-19
Palm OS
PalmOS 3.0 or higher

Description - YahtChallenge for Palm

yahtChallenge is a simple game of luck and strategy for one to four players. The objective is to score as many points as possible from the combinations of the dice value.yahtC is inspired by the Yahtzee game, which is owned and trademark by Milton Bradley / Hasbro.Game Features One to Four players. You can name your players.PalmPDA-Computer opponents with 6 different playing styles.Hi-resolution display support on PalmOS 5.x device, Sony Clie and HandEra 330.Statistics of game won, and highest scores.Full game statuses are stored/restored automatically.Score Hinting, helps you to visualize your score in each categories. The hinting can be configured to give maximum or minimum hints.Hinting threshold to show low and high scores.Option to select dice to roll or dice to keep.Game sound.Support "Classic" and "Standard" rules.Auto dice rolling after a computer player.Color, Gray-scale and Black & White supported.Smart menu. You can just write the menu shortcut character without specifying the menu shortcut. eg. Just write "N" or "n" for New Challenge.User selectable shade/color for score area, status area, dice area and dice.Two game types, Challenge and Race game.Two Ways to show score in double and triple style game. Base score or multiplied score.Two ways to show the left column score. Total left score or required points to gain a bonus.2D and 3D board style. 3D board style is only for Gray-16 and Color display only.2D, 3D and Real Dice image. 3D and Real Dice image is only for Gray-16 and Color display only.Support dice with a maximum 4 and 5 pips. This provides higher probability of scoring higher points.3 dice rolling animation styles.

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