KlumpIt for Palm

Version: 1.1
Date: 2013-08-19
Palm OS
PalmOS 3.5 or higher

Description - KlumpIt for Palm

KlumpIt is a totally new game designed and created for the Palm PDA. It is a game with simple rules but requires quick thinking and REFLEXNew in Version 1.1Fix PalmOS 5.0 slow key response problem.Fix 5-Way Navigation continuous pressing problem.Launch the menu by pressing the top status line.Game FeaturesHi-resolution display support for PalmOS 5.x device, Sony Clie and HandEra 330.Two games in one, KlumpIt Clean-up and KlumpIt Build-up.Two game modes. Tournament and Training mode. In Training mode you can change additional game settings to tune your skills before participating in the Tournament mode.User selectable keys for the game movement.Color, and Gray-scale display supported. Black & White is not supported.Smart menu. You can just write the menu shortcut character without specifying the menu shortcut. eg. Just write "N" or "n" for New Game.User selectable shade/color for game appearance.Separate Top 10 scores for each game.Share your top score with your friends by beaming it to them.Participate in the www Top 10.Basic game sound. Sufficient to provide audio feedback on main events happening on screen.

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