Championship Hearts Game for PalmOS

Version: 6.99
Date: 2013-12-10
Palm OS
No special requirements

Description - Championship Hearts Game for PalmOS

* This game is NOT freeware. We spent a great deal of time making a top-quality Hearts game. If you enjoy it, please register!* You have 10 games to evaluate the game (plus 10 bonus games) and then you must either register it or uninstall it.* Registering gains you the following extra benefits: - Unlock registration code to disable the evaluation reminders. - Personalize the game with our thanks for your support. - Automatic save and restore of your favorite settings - Advanced game statistics to track your improving skills! - Add-on skins and other `plugins` to customize our games your way! - Online players will recognize your custom player face - Access to secret rooms and premium member-only features. - All future upgrades are FREE for one year.* IMPORTANT: When you order, please provide the Owner Name for your handheld device (listed on the game`s registration splash screen) so we can get you the correct registration unlock code when you order!

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