GX Curling Deluxe for Pocket PC

Version: 1.0
Date: 2013-08-20
Windows CE
No special requirements

Description - GX Curling Deluxe for Pocket PC

Enjoy accurate simulation of the newest Olympic Winter sport Curling on your PDA!FEATURES * Accurate simulation of Curling, according to the official play and competition rules. * Precise physics engine. * Rich graphics and sound. * Smart game controls, specifically designed for the touch screen. Set speed, direction and rotation with a single stylus stroke. Control running stones with realistic stylus brushing. * Strong computer AI. 16 opponent teams to compete with, each having individual game strategies. * Aesthetical touch to AI ensures that not only computer shots are smart, but artistic as well. Full arsenal of curling techniques from takeouts to roll-ins and raises will make you enjoy the game even when you are losing. * 4 game modes: o Training - practice 15 standard Curling situations, from simple "Back house weight" to complicated "Hackweight takeout". [!] Extended demo version allows unlimited practicing. Download the demo now. o Single game - play quick games with 16 computer teams. o Tournaments - participate in 6 curling tournaments, with cash rewards from $3 to $2 000 000. o 2-player game - play curing with a friend. * Curling club management - choose your own club from the 16 available, earn cash by winning single games and tournaments and make your club a millionaire! * Play-on-the-go approach allows you to equally enjoy the game whether you randomly play with sudden interruptions or sit back for a long while. Game positions in all modes are automatically saved, allowing you to restore & continue games at any time.

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