Playa!TraX Gaming Media Player

Version: 1.90
Date: 2013-10-01
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Windows Vista, 2003, XP, 2000, 98
.NET Framework 1.1, DirectX9.0 or higher

Description - Playa!TraX Gaming Media Player

What is Playa!Trax? What does it do? Here is an example -- Playa!TraX is running idle in the system tray, not playing music, not doing anything. You launch a full screen game, Half-Life 2 for example, Playa!TraX on its own will immediately start playing your Half-Life 2 playlists and loads a configuration (which you define) that allows you to control the music (probably through a few keys on your keyboard) without having to see the player. You switch to another game, Madden NFL Football, once again Playa!TraX begins to play your Madden playlists, and loads an input configuration so you can control the player without having to see it, probably through a few gamepad buttons this time. Playa!TraX will do the same for any application or game you want. Playa!TraX is also a great everyday general use media player.In game on screen display customizable on a per game basis.Optional voice control.Control player functions through gamepads, joysticks, racing wheels, keyboard and mouse, foot pedals/switches or any other combination of input devices that you choose.Bindable functions include -- Play, Stop, Pause, Next Track, Previous Track, Next Playlist, Previous Playlist, Seek Forward, Seek Backward, Volume Up, Volume Down, Volume Mute, Repeat, Random, screen capture and more.Automatically launches associated playlists and configurations when it detects your Favorite Games running.Allows for multiple configurations and the grouping of them based on application types. eg. a config for general use, a config for gamepad games, a config for joystick games.10 Band EQ with Preamp. Advanced playlist editor.Perfect for full screen gaming or applications when access to an ordinary players functions is inconvenient or impossible.Handles most popular audio, video and streaming media formats.

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