Backgammon Classic

Version: 7.2
Date: 2014-01-15
Windows Vista, XP
No special requirements

Description - Backgammon Classic

Now you can play on the new designed 3D game boards, with eight checker types, having different shapes and colors. Help pages, statistics, recommended move, back move, Jacoby and Crawford rules, sound effects, easy mouse based interface, keyboard commands, pure random dice, doubling cube, are just a few of our game improvements. This version allows you to record an entire game and Watch It later. Download and test it for free (all options are enabled), then send us your suggestions and thoughts in order to improve the Backgammon game. A free game position editor is available for the registered players, allowing to load and test any backgammon position can be imagined. All the game enhancements of the previous version are still present:-load/save the game positions are compatible with the older versions;-larger graphics and ergonomically designed menus and displays;-several boards and checkers to choose from;-playing and doubling optimization, keeping track of your ratings;-improved checker and dice animations;-minimum computer resources required; your nickname and the ratings from v5.x and v6.x are automatically imported in this new version. -the old major versions of the Backgammon Classic are still available, you can download them directly from this website.-game positions files are full compatible with the latest version.-the registration files for the old versions, starting with the fourth, can be used also in this new one.-new customers will receive the registration files for all versions (for v3 upon request).

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