Space Hack

Version: Trial
Date: 2013-06-26
240.4 MB
Windows XP, 2000, Me
Processor: 700 MHzMemory: 256 MBVideo: 16 MBDirectX 7.0

Description - Space Hack

moNstrous overpopulation of EARTH has forced its government to undertake drastic measures. Since there was no chance for voluntary migrations to distant colonies (life out there was primitive compared to Earth), a new, restrictive law was established to force people off the planet.Men, women and children were transported in large Colony ships that usually consisted of one small steering unit and a dozen or so huge biospheres. The latter were like whole autonomous lands, each one with their own ground, atmosphere and even artificial sun. A piece of Earth in a Box! This way a biosphere could be dropped on virtually any planet and provide a home for the settlers until they manage to bring their foreign environment under control.Maximus XV was one of these transport ships. Colonists lived inside biospheres and had no idea of where they are going to end up. They were given basic equipment that could be of used when colonizing a new land. No one suspected that they`d be better off with weapons...The colony ship, Maximus XV was on course. This was supposed to be an uneventful trip. No one on board expected to find the most dangerous predator of space; the Black Nebula. The Black Nebula is a gravitational entity that sucks in everything within its grasp. It quickly swallowed Maximus XV.The colony ship and its passengers were not the only race that was captured and trapped within the Nebula. Ships loaded with creatures of unknown species have been trapped for years. They have learned how to survive by feeding on newcomers.They quickly attacked Maximus XV, taking over one colony biosphere after another. The passengers were caught unaware and barely put up any resistance against the merciless Invaders.

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