Video Poker 5000

Version: 1.2.6
Date: 2013-06-30
Card & Board
Mac OS 9
No special requirements

Description - Video Poker 5000

EditBy: This is the best way to gamble, spend no money (other than the minimal registration fee) and Beat The Odds by not losing any real money! You`d best be a good gambler to keep yourself in the earnings. Choose to have up to 4 different characters/accounts and have it save all your earnings or loses for another time. This game is easy to use and has quick play to keep things a` rollin. With the introduction of version 1.1 and continuing on with 1.2 and 1.2.5, this game is now compatible with OSX.New in version 1.2:1) Quick keys for hold, deal, bet and more.2) Mute button to turn off/on game sound.3) Speed arrows to increase or decrease the speed of game play. Three speeds in all, slow, medium and fast.4) Highlighted winnings. When you win the type of hand you had will flash to the right side.5) Out of money alert. When you are out of coins, an alert will pop up on the screen instead of a system beep.New in version 1.2.5:1) Major update in graphical interface.New in version 1.2.6:1) A bug was reported: Royal flush was returning the wrong amount of coins (too Little of course), this bug was fixed and we are sincerely sorry if anybody has experienced this issue. Other updates include: You can now click on the card and the hold button to hold that particular card; Automatic coin adjustments for bets when under 5 coins left; Some basic graphical changes such as transparent hold on cards; some basic code enhancements.

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