RinkRat Hockey Stats Mgr

Version: 1.3
Date: 2013-07-08
Windows 98, Me, NT
No special requirements

Description - RinkRat Hockey Stats Mgr

Flexible and easy, a program that can manage a team or an entire league.Suitable for Coaches and League managers. Number of players or teams and games limited only to disk spaceavailable. Each division stored in a separate file. Store, retrieve and manage player/team statistics for several teams in oneor several divisions. Unlimited number of players or teams. Save theindividual games statsistics. Store player information for eacvh team. Record name, address, phone,date of birth, positions played, skill levels etc. Record player status andreturn date. Create player lists. Manage Player information for entire league. Record player skill levelsfrom evaluations to be used in automatically assigning players to teamsfor balanced league. Record all games for each team, regular season, playoff, Tournament andexhibition in an easy to read calendar format or view entire league gameassignments in a list format. Assign, edit move and delete games easily. Easily schedule your team or league games in a calendar or list format.Print out shedules and game lists. Add events and with color codedgame types. Print graphic calendar schedule or traditional game list. Create offensive and defensive line ups for any team. Flag any players that are not available due to injury, away, etc. Print GAME CARD with selected player information automatically added. Use the game card to collect and record stats for easy data entry.


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