Making History Gold

Date: 2014-01-03
Strategy Games
Windows Vista, XP
No special requirements

Description - Making History Gold

MAKING HISTORY Gold Edition is the latest addition to the MAKING HISTORY series, combining content from the original "Calm & the Storm" game with a new Germany focused scenario: "The Rise of the Reich". The Gold Edition includes all game updates, the powerful Making History Editor, and key improvements to strategic and tactical gameplay. Our Making History Gaming HQ ( offers complete support for players and lots of free content. You can download, rate, and review player-created scenarios, game art, and music, as well as upload and share your own content. Keep up-to-date on the latest news about patches and future games, and discuss all aspects of Making History with fellow players and Muzzy Lane developers in our vibrant community forum. Features:The MAKING HISTORY Editor Develop your own scenarios with this powerful editing tool. Create completely new nations and cities, set treaties, develop entirely new military units and research projects. You can also alter existing scenarios to suit your own play style. New Military Unit properties expand strategic play Your military units now have both offensive and defensive properties, adding a whole new level of strategic play. Choose the right mix of Forces to mount key offensives or dig in to defend against the blitzkrieg! It`s fun to be the bad guy! Polls in our community forum show that Germany is the most popular nation to play. The new "Rise of the Reich" scenario let`s you start in 1933 and build your WAR machine to conquer the world. Players can play as ANY nation! Always wanted to create a South American empire? Play as Brazil or Argentina. Like living dangerously? Play Romania and see if you can keep your nation from a ruinous alliance with Germany or the USSR. Improved control of units Players now have more control over their military units. Now you can rename your units, preset rally points and set waypoints for more tactical movement. And more!

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