Date: 2014-01-09
Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
No special requirements

Description - Infected

Click a white blood cell to activate it. They move on their own.Right click a white blood cell to delete it if you need another in a different area, or one is almost dead.Click the blue icon in the bottom right (when available) to recieve your stage bonus (4)Get as many points as possible.ou have to worry about only four things; the health/number of white blood cells (maximum is five), your Infection status (bar), your structural integrity, and your regeneration.White blood cell count is important because they attack Germs and viruses. They also Create antibodies that damage germs and viruses.Your infection status is important because if it runs down, you are fully infected and you lose the game.Structural integrity determines how much germs infect you. The higher it is, the less you are effected, but if it gets to low, you will see an increase in damage done by germs.Regeneration allows you to create white blood cells. It costs 35 regeneration points per cell. Killing germs and viruses increases your regeneration, and it also increases on its own.There are other factors that add to your experience, but you will figure them out.Stage one germs are round green germs. They infect you, and nothing more.Stage two germs are round brown germs. They infect you, and damage your integrity.Stage three viruses are purple. They damage your regeneration.Stage four viruses are red. They kill antibodies, and when there aren`t any, they infect you, damage your integrity, and your regeneration.Naturally, increasing stages brings harder enemies.

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Important Because Blood Cell Damage Your Integrity