Jumble Blocks

Version: 1.02
Date: 2013-07-24
Windows XP, 2000, 98
Pentium 300Mhz, 32 Mb memory, DirectX8.0

Description - Jumble Blocks

Simple but interesting puzzle game for all ages. Chose the image to solve and divide it to number of blocks. When you begin game image you chose will be devided to selected numbers of blocks and this blocks will be jumbled together and one block (from right bottom corner of image) marked as space. Move the blocks to its places in source image using the space. You able to get help as source image (right mouse button, it`ll be cost to you some numbers of clicks per second) and by using helpers (checkboxes, it cost nothing, except last checkbox). For winning the game you need to move all blocks to its places and get the full source image using as less clicks as it`s possible. But if you solve the image using more clicks than in highscores worst players you also will be added to highscores (as a player who get the one of the worst result).There are one intresting feature. While changing images pack you can select pack named `Own images`. In this pack you can add images you want. When you get the full version of the game you are able to add to this pack up to 1000 images.Advantages ot the game: * unique game for any time and any ages * about 200 images in all packs (except `Own images`) * up to 1000 images in `Own images` * nice graphics, sound and musicAdvantages of the full version: * unlimited fascinating gameplay * no restrictions and no nag-screens any more * no "Unregistered version" * technical support * unique game for any time and any ages

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