Star Trek Adventures:Year One

Date: 2013-07-01
Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000
No special requirements

Description - Star Trek Adventures:Year One

EditBy: Get prepared to go warp speed with the original crew of STAR TREK as you remember them! Including Captain James T. Kirk, Commander Spock, Dr. Leonard `Bones` McCoy and others. You will relive the marvelous adventures of the Starship Enterprise as you travel through space directing space battles, firing hand phasers, solving puzzles, exploring the galaxy and much more in this nostalgic voyage.Whether you are a die-hard Trek fan or just mildly interested; the beautiful artwork, design and incredible musical score of this classic point & click adventure leaves something everyone is sure to enjoy! STAR TREK ADVENTURES: YEAR ONE promises to boldly take you where no Star Trek game has ever gone before!The mission "Arena" takes place on stardate 3045.6 and is based on episode 18 of Star Trek The Original Series (also titled "Arena"). In this game you will relive the events of the episode as you must beam down to the ambushed Colony called Cestus III and locate any survivors who may be able to give you clues to what has happened.Among solving the mystery as to what happened on Cestus III you will engage in a space battle with an unknown enemy ship. Upon your encounter with the Metrons, you (as Captain Kirk) will be beamed down to an uninhabited planet to go face to face with a Gorn captain. You will have to use your brains and environment to solve puzzles and build a weapon that will allow you to stop the Gorn.Game Features- Original graphics and GUI- Tons of puzzles to solve- Communicate with anyone in your team using your communicator- Set your phaser pistol from stun to kill or vice versa- Play as multiple characters (including Kirk, Spock, & McCoy)- Utilize McCoy`s medical kit and Spock`s tricorder- Find hidden "easter eggs"- Command space battles- Authentic original musical score- Animated cut scenes

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