Version: 1.2.0
Date: 2013-08-27
Windows XP, 2000, 98, NT
P IV 1.2 Ghz DSL connection

Description -

EditBy: The player is in the front seat in an armed space ship going FASTER than 1000 mph.Patrolling obscure canyons or open asteroid terrain, he confronts obstacles and opponents throughout galactic races in real-time 3-D action. The game`s progression is based on results from the previous races, where the player acquires faster speed capabilities through each successful run. No matter the skill level, the player is able to progress at their own pace. Direct and instant access to the multi-player mode brings live opponents and a community dimension, so the contest is different every time.The objective is simple: pass a series of portals in succession. The winner is the one who is the first to cross the finish line - similar to standard racing games, but the multi-player mode brings more challenges and intensity. The three basic rules are:1)Race through the portals that form the course in the right order,2) Frag opponents that get in your way. The strength of the weapons varies according to type of ship and level of play,3)Avoid other ships` fire. Shields, lasers, and mines are there to help you!Options such as powering up are placed along the course and can be obtained according to the game`s mode: Pure Race a racing only mode, the KillKill mode (shoot and race), and the Frag`n`Pass mode (exclusive mode where the player must destroy an opponent`s ship before passing through the gate). A Solo mode is available for players seeking to practice on their own or beat a personal best. The degree of the terrain`s detail is breathtaking, just like the freedom of movement and the collisions in multi-player mode in spite of the speed.The mouse-controlled steering and the front-seat perspective of the incredibly fast ship can seem difficult initially, but like all first-time players controlling a first-person-shooter with their mouse, the pilots will realize that the fun in steering is quickly attained and rarely Abandoned!

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