Metal Gear 2 for NES

Date: 2013-11-29
Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me
No special requirements

Description - Metal Gear 2 for NES

Metal Gear 2 builds upon the stealth-based gameplay of its predecessor. As in the original Metal Gear, the player`s objective is to infiltrate the enemy`s Stronghold, while avoiding detection from Soldiers, cameras, infrared sensors and other surveillance devices. The biggest change in the game was done to the enemy`s behavior. Whereas the guards in the original game could see in straight lines, the guards in Metal Gear 2 all have a field of vision of 45 degrees. The guards can also turn their heads left or right to see diagonally and move from one screen to another (instead of remaining stationed in area). The enemy can also hear any noise made by the player, which usually occurs when the player fires a non-silenced firearm, uses an explosive, or walks over certain types of terrain. If the player is discovered by the enemy, then a counter will be displayed on the upper right side of the screen that will go down after the enemy has lost track of the player. When the counter reaches zero, the alert phase will go off and the game will return to normal.The player has been given a variety of new maneuvers and tools to help them remain undetected and complete the game. For example, the player can now kneel and crawl in addition to walking, allowing the player to avoid making noise, pick up land mines, and hide under tight spaces such as under desks or inside air ducts. A radar with a 3x3 Grid on the upper right of the screen shows Snake`s current position in the center screen (as a red dot), with enemy soldiers as white dots, allowing the player to determine what`s ahead. However, the radar is disabled when the player is in alert phase. The radar can also be used with the mine detector equipped to determine the locations of any placed mines or fire stinger missiles on an airborne target.

Metal Gear 2 for NES Games Metal Gear Alert PhaseMetal Gear 2 for NES Games Metal Gear Alert PhaseMetal Gear 2 for NES Games Metal Gear Alert Phase

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