Twinkle Star Sprites for Neo Geo

Date: 2013-08-09
Neo Geo
Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me
No special requirements

Description - Twinkle Star Sprites for Neo Geo

EditBy: There are two types of standard attacks: a normal shot and a charge-up shot. Each character starts with two bombs which enables him in the event of desperate plight, to clean with the screen while briefly acquiring a state of invincibility. The two players` playfields are separated by a vertical bar, each one having its own Independent of the other. Series of enemies arrive from the top of the screen. The player is to successfully destroy them in Chains (combos), which will send one or more Fireball projectiles to the screen of his adversary (Normal Attack). Shooting at Normal Attacks several times reflects them back as glowing Reverse Attacks. If Reverse Attacks are reflected again, a number of powerful counterattacks in the shape of one or more indestructible enemies appear (Extra Attack). Reflecting many Reverse Attacks at once can instead summon a boss (Boss Attack). * The Extra Attacks and the Boss Attack vary from one character to another. * The power gauge fills as the player destroys enemies up to three levels. By holding down the fire button and releasing when a certain level is reached, the player can launch a character-specific charge shot to assist the player in clearing enemies from his screen. At Level 1, the charge shot is launched. At Level 2, the charge shot and three Extra Attacks against the opponent are launched. At Level 3 (Max Level), the charge shot and a Boss Attack are launched. Firing charge shots at Level 2 and above will decrease the power gauge. * 30-40 seconds into a round, a blue orb appears among a chain of enemies. If this orb is destroyed in a chain, the player achieves Fever status for the next several seconds. Chains created during Fever generate FASTER and more plentiful Normal Attacks per enemy destroyed, which can prove to be very dangerous to the opponent if large chains are made. * Both players are given five life points at the start of a round. * Colliding into an enemy costs 1 life point, but the player

Twinkle Star Sprites for Neo Geo Games Charge ShotTwinkle Star Sprites for Neo Geo Games Charge Shot

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