CODE for Mac

Version: 1.0
Date: 2013-09-12
Mac OS X
For Mac OS X 10.5.7 or higher

Description - CODE for Mac

You are the Codebreaker and your mission is to break the Codemakers codes (and to become the Codemaster), via the Decoding Board (6 x 6 Grid) using the Decoding Palette (below the 6 x 6 grid). With the GO!-button you trigger the Key Verifier (small 6 x 6 grid with black, red, & white indicators) that shows you the result of the code on the Decoding Board (as feedback). Use Shake Gesture to set a random code into the Decoding Board.Key Verifier results:- Black = wrong color.- Red = right color at the right position.- White = right color, but the wrong position.The Codemaker has prepared 500 codes (each code consists of a 6 x 6 grid with up to 6 Colors) for you to break (it`s 5 levels of difficulty with 100 codes each). You start at level 1 & code 1, and you break codes on your way up to become The Codemaster.You get 100 points at the first try, if correct. Else you get -1 point for every wrong try (minimum points is 1 per code Broken).Code includes over 1 hour of original high quality soundtrack (12 tracks total). The soundtrack is encoded in iTunes Plus quality (256 kbit AAC).This is part 1 in the CODE Trilogy.- Part 1: CODE.- Part 2: CODE, The Orchid (coming soon).- Part 3: CODE, Pearl (coming soon).

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