CS Video: n0thing but headshots

Version: n0thing but headshots
Date: 2013-08-20
Counter Strike
CS Movie
Windows XP, 2000, 98, Me, NT
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Description - CS Video: n0thing but headshots

EditBy: n0thing but headshotsSize: 400 MBRuntime: 15 minutes 23 secondsStarring Jordan `n0thing` Gilbert of team EGDirected and Edited by John `highfive` Blake Sponsored by Alex `Chibsquad` Garfield and myEG.netThis movie is also available for streaming on: -myEG.net-Noobflicks.com-Youtube.comMusicRefused - New NoiseCelldweller - One Good ReasonSeo Taiji - F.M. BusinessFlyleaf - I`m So SickThe Legion of Doom - Where Do I Stab Myself In The EarsJay-z and The Verve - Bittersweet Dirt Off Your ShoulderProgramsVegas 6.0After Effects 2.9.4Fraps 2.9.4Counter-Strike 1.6*This movie consists strictly of frags cumulated before n0thingjoined eMg/EG (excluding one clip). He will have more movies inthe future highlighting his time with eMg/EG but wanted his firstmovie to accent his earlier years.Fun Facts:-This is the eighth full-length movie I have released since June 2004-All footage was captured with Fraps-The movie took over 368 GB of disk space-The mp4 render took over twenty hours to complete-This is the fourth movie I`ve used a CellDweller song in, I`m a visionary -The movie has 22 aces in it-The movie has 33 deagle headshots in it-Frag allocation is as follows: kills: 275 headshots: 171 (62%) kills - non awp/nade: 203 headshots - non awp/nade: 156 (77%)-MY PC crashed and had to be professionally repaired during production, twice-Jordan`s special thanks list took over a week to complete, jerk :pStay tuned for n0thing`s next movie and thanks for watching!

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